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21 April 2014 the U.S.A. meets with Nemesis

21 April 2014 the U.S.A. meets with Nemesis[1]

“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.”Niels Bohr 

Original version 10/20/2013
Rev 1 – format and additions
Rev 2   10/27/13
Rev 3 – 11/1/13 Krugman, more astro detail, qualifications
Rev 4 – 1/29 more predictions about the dollar, etc.
Rev 5 –
Abstract: The most powerful astrological aspect to the USA’s horoscope since 1776 occurs 21 April 2014 and combines energies of sudden, unexpected, overwhelming transformation especially in the areas of the US’s relationship with partnerships, authority, personal finances and other people’s money.
The US has been under the thralldom of powerful astrological energy for some time already, this energy will increase significantly as 2014 begins, will continue throughout 2015, and will take many years after that to fully equilibrate.
My concluding prophesy is that by the end of the Twenty First Century America will have paid back most of its karmic debts of empire and will rejoin the ranks of the 8 to 10 most prosperous countries at about the midpoint of the prosperity scale.
  • US dollar no longer used as world reserve currency and even refused for some transactions [gold]
  • Hyperinflation in the US as overseas dollars return [up to 50% of US dollars are overseas]
  • Conflagrations regarding US housing
  • Problems with food supply

Overview: Previous work[3] has delineated a significant recurring disruptive astrological aspect affecting the entire world with recent occurrences in the periods:
  • 1960-1972 [midpoint 1965];
  • 1928-1937 [midpoint 1932];
  • 1898-1907 [midpoint 1902].
The current aspect of major discord occurs from 2007-2020 with peak energy in 2012 thru 2015 and an aspect on 21 April 2014 that overwhelmingly impacts the natal horoscope of the US. Only slightly less powerful astrological aftershocks occur to the US 15 December 2014 and 17 March 2015.
“One of our clients grew up on a farm in Germany. Years ago he told us about what happened in 1921. His parents had a large mortgage on the farm. One day, at the peak of the hyperinflation, they took ten dozen eggs to market and sold them. With the proceeds they went to the bank and paid off the mortgage.” Other instructive stories here -

”…the paper mark totally collapsed in value against foreign currencies and gold, which encouraged wild speculation on the foreign exchange and stock markets, during which smart operators and large industrial groups accumulated large fortunes at the expense of small savers and the working class.”…
“…..In the meantime, an index of German share prices (1913 = 100) rose from 126 in January 1918 to 531,300,000 in September 1923, and to 23,680,000 million in November 1923 amidst extremely high volatility. (In dollar terms, because of the currency depreciation, the same index (1913 = 100) fell from 101.55 in January 1918 to 2.72 in October 1922, before recovering to 39.36 in November 1923.) The extremely high volatility of the stock market is a typical feature of hyperinflating economies.”
ISSN 1017-1371, The Financial Implications of Reflation, Dr. Marc Faber, ‘Gloom, Doom and Boom Report’, June 23, 2003, page 5 referencing Professor Bresciani-Turroni in The Economics of Inflation (first published in 1931 and reprinted by Augustus M. Kelley, London, in 1968). Contact Dr. Faber for a copy of this excellent paper.
Astrological details:
On 21 April 2014 the transiting square of Pluto to Uranus in the sky exactly interacts with the US’s natal Sun-Saturn square forming a Grand Cross [X pattern] WITH transiting Mars conjunct the US’s natal Saturn AND transiting Jupiter conjoining the US natal Sun in Cancer in the 8th house of transformation and other people’s money. 

Dates of the aspect
Uranus = 4 Aries 4
Pluto = 5 Capricorn 9
not exact
Uranus = 8 Aries 24
Pluto = 8 Capricorn 24
Uranus = 6 Aries 57
Pluto = 6 Capricorn 57
Uranus = 11 Aries 14
Pluto = 11 Capricorn 14
Uranus = 9 Aries 26
Pluto = 9 Capricorn 26
Uranus = 13 Aries 34
Pluto = 13 Capricorn 34
Uranus = 12 Aries 35
Pluto = 12 Capricorn 35
Uranus = 15 Aries 18
Pluto = 15 Capricorn 18
Uranus = 17 Aries 10
Pluto = 16 Capricorn 08
not exact
Aspects are calculated to the minute only at GMT – London

Other happenings
Singapore will be subject to STRONG changes during this period and will be meeting “attacks of fortune.” [4]
­ ­
In March 2015 Pluto will transit Singapore’s Capricorn Moon in the first house and transiting Uranus will square the Moon from the 4th house. All throughout 2014 and 2015 Singapore will experience many transformations with what appears to be a significant increase of other people’s money as Jupiter transits the 8th house from September 2014 through May 2015.
People [and entities] born in the period late 1965 and again April 1966 through 15 July 1966 were born with a natal conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. All these will be STRONGLY subject to the upcoming square of Uranus and Pluto during the next 3 years ESPECIALLY during the period of March 17, 2015 when the Ur/Pl square comes exact. Overall the changes suffered by these nativities could be considered positive as Pluto will be in Capricorn, harmonious to the Virgo placement of Uranus and Pluto natally. BUT, with friends like Pluto who needs enemies? Uranus during the square will be in Aries, quincunx Virgo.
MORE astrological detail:
·         Jupiter transiting the US Sun in the 8th house – “This is primarily a house of crisis and refers to those points in life where the emotional ties to others force a man to the realization of some vital area of his own feeling nature which must be recognized, examined and purified. Here money becomes the symbol of emotional dependence or freedom…” thus, a crisis of TOO MUCH. Saturn, Liz Greene, pg. 24
·         Saturn in the tenth house is generally considered to symbolize ambition, a slow climb to power with many setbacks and delays, and, if he is afflicted, a subsequent fall from power.  Saturn, Liz Greene, pg. 49 [The US’s Sun is “afflicted” by Saturn.]
·         Pluto redresses imbalance. The US has severely overreacted to threats such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11 by compulsively lashing out internationally. The strong destructive/recreative energy of Pluto will force the US to confront its fears of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and destruction in its own lands where we have for many years foisted these same problems on others.
·         “The only way we find out we have the capacity to survive our own ego-death is to go through our own ego-death. When everything we thought we were is taken away, we discover a part of ourselves that is still there-that aspect of our being which is eternal and indestructible.” The Gods of Change – Pain, Crisis, and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Howard Sasportas, Arkana [Penguin], 1989, pg. 241

Just remember – ‘For entertainment purposes only!’
Earlier predictions:
My May 2005 prediction – “The horoscope of the US is subject to significant inharmonious energy during the period 6 July 2005 through 26 October 2005, with a peak negative period occurring during the first three weeks of September.” [Katrina]
And even MOAR detail:
1.   Exact dates of upcoming Pluto and Uranus aspects to the US Sun/Saturn
Pl opp Su
2:256 yrs
Ur sq Su
4:84 yrs
PL sq UR
Pl opp Su
2:256 yrs
Ur sq Su
4:84 yrs
PL sq UR
Pl opp Su
2:256 yrs
Ur sq Su
4:84 yrs
Pl sq Sa
4:256 yrs
PL sq UR
Pl sq Sa
4:256 yrs
Pl opp Su
2:256 yrs
Pl opp Su
2:256 yrs
Pl sq Sa
4:256 yrs

Beginning March 2014 Pluto and Uranus make a series of hard aspects to each other and to the natal Sun/Saturn square of the US. As aspects of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are slow moving the transits begin to take effect long before the exact aspects occur. Thus, the US has been under the thralldom of powerful astrological energy for some time already, this energy will increase significantly as 2014 begins, will continue throughout 2015, and will take many years after that to fully equilibrate.
Previous periods of Pluto’s hard aspects [0, 90, 180 degrees] to the US Sun are: 1835, 1925, 1977 and now in 2014. These dates are the midpoints of about a 4 year strong action of Pluto transiting the Sun/Saturn square of the US’s horoscope with a hard angle. [Pluto made hard angles to the US Saturn in 1978, 1927, and 1836.] At these previous times there was NO interaction of other outer planets, Uranus or Neptune as there is now with Uranus.  
Uranus transits the zodiac every 84 years making hard aspects to the US’s Sun every 21 years [84/4]. Uranian energy is strong in the US’s horoscope and its constitution as can be noted from the following sequence:
1776+84=1860, +84=1944, +84=2028
I have ALREADY, 5 years ago, predicted US involvement in a major war with many casualties in 2028. Be prepared. One hypothetical could be the attempt by China to expropriate Alaska and the US forced to unite with Mexico and Canada as a single nation. Past periods of this energy have a major theme of UNIFICATION.
2.   Pluto/Uranus is an explosive combination. The US has a lot of “bombing karma” which is as yet unrequited, and mostly unacknowledged. An extra-terrestrial event centered on the US would certainly satisfy the energy of this aspect. Note the numbers of people leaving the US as expats. Consider also a major quake. 

I did receive one reply to a preliminary version of this blog entry:

“Once upon a time, walking around shouting “The end is nigh” got you labeled a kook, someone not to be taken seriously. These days, however, all the best people go around warning of looming disaster. In fact, you more or less have to subscribe to fantasies of fiscal apocalypse to be considered respectable. And I do mean fantasies.

Well, we will see. At least I can classify myself as one of “the best people” even if no one else does. Normally one would not think to so roundly oppose the views of a Nobel Prize winning economist – Krugman, the author of the “all is well” view, but, clearly, things are not ‘normal’.

PLUS, he’s got badges and “We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!"

However, it is clear that America is ALREADY dealing with all the issues pointed to by this forecast such as:
·         Other people’s money – foreign investors are afraid they will not get back their money as the dollar slides in value
·         Domestic investors are afraid of upcoming bail-ins and IRA conversions to worth-less paper [MyRA accounts!]
·         We are dealing with issues of excesses of ‘money’ – and I use the term loosely as there are many questions of our money’s value
·         You may have noticed America’s power in the world being questioned. We have failed to prevail [lost, actually] our last two conflicts against a bunch of ‘towelheads’ in Third World countries. In addition to failing to prevail in Vietnam and Korea.
·         Pluto deals with the Underworld. We have a transit – increasing Pluto energy – affecting the Sun of the US which sits in the natural house of Pluto, the 8th, and both transiting Pluto and the natal Sun of the US interact inharmoniously with the Saturn of the US in the 10th House of authority, all of this energized negatively by Uranus, ruler of the unexpected and revolutionary change. What more perfect representation could there be than a Western ‘towelhead’ suddenly exposing America’s worldwide spying campaign.
·         Noticed any problems with food supply in America lately? A seventh of the US’s total population – 46 million! - is currently receiving food stamp ‘benefits’ and substantial cuts are coming.

So, astrology ALREADY accurately points to the issues in the fore right now AND I am predicting that these and other issues have only begun for the US.

More predictions and comments on the USA:

Nothing Lasts Forever; World Bank Ex-Chief Economist Calls For End To Dollar As Reserve Currency

My concluding prophesy is that by the end of the Twenty First Century America will have paid back most of its karmic debts of empire and will rejoin the ranks of the 8 to 10 most prosperous countries at about the midpoint of the prosperity scale.

An Apocalyptic Addendum

We’ve all become to numb to the A-word! It’s called “psychic numbing” – we’ve all had so many prophesies come at us of doom that we go numb when some “towel head” astrologer trots out another one. It’s understandable; HOWEVER, I argue we are, in fact, in the grip of an era of great changes in civilization that occurs infrequently in human history. My major predictive themes in the past 10 years have been:
1.   A great event causing death to hit the USA in September 2005 – Katrina
2.   The demise of the Federal Reserve and the US’s current method of financing itself with a debt kiting scheme called US Treasury Bonds – an on-going debacle
3.   The end of the American empire – beginning about 2005 also.

[1] CHALMERS JOHNSON: Nemesis was the ancient Greek goddess of revenge, the punisher of hubris and arrogance in human beings. You may recall she is the one that led Narcissus to the pond and showed him his reflection, and he dove in and drowned. I chose the title, because it seems to me that she’s present in our country right now, just waiting to make her — to carry out her divine mission. Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic
Lao Tzu, a 6th century BC poet observed, "Those who have knowledge don't predict. Those who predict don't have knowledge." Well, we’ll just see about that!

And the lot of those who prophesize.

The Death of John the Baptist
This is John the Baptist; he is risen from the dead; and therefore mighty works do show forth themselves in him. For Herod had laid hold on John, and bound him, and put him in prison……he would have put him to death, [but] he feared the multitude, because they counted him as a prophet.
But when Herod's birthday was kept, the daughter of Hero'dias danced before them, and pleased Herod. Whereupon he promised with an oath to give her whatsoever she would ask. And she, being before instructed of her mother, said, Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger. And the king was sorry: nevertheless for the oath's sake, and them which sat with him at meat, he commanded it to be given her. And he sent, and beheaded John in the prison. And his head was brought in a charger, and given to the damsel: and she brought it to her mother. And his disciples came, and took up the body, and buried it, and went and told Jesus.
From Plato re: Attacks of fortune
The law would say that to be patient under suffering is best, and that we should not give way to impatience, as there is no knowing whether such things are good or evil; and nothing is gained by impatience; also, because no human thing is of serious importance, and grief stands in the way of that which at the moment is most required.  

What is most required? He asked. 

That we should take counsel about what has happened, and when the dice have been thrown order our affairs in the way which reason deems best; not, like children who have had a fall, keeping hold of the part struck and wasting time in setting up a howl, but always accustoming the soul forthwith to apply a remedy, raising up that which is sickly and fallen, banishing the cry of sorrow by the healing art.  

Yes, he said, that is the true way of meeting the attacks of fortune.  

Yes, I said; and the higher principle is ready to follow this suggestion of reason?   Clearly.  And the other principle, which inclines us to recollection of our troubles and to lamentation, and can never have enough of them, we may call irrational, useless, and cowardly?

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