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Major US war 2027... like 1776, 1860, 1944

`It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,' the Queen remarked.

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Abstract: We can easily predict that 2027 and the years following will be a once-in-a-century transforming cataclysm for the USA as both the Pluto cycle to the US North Node complex and the Uranus cycle converge as during the Civil War and WW 2.

The astrological energy is similar to 1782, near the end of the American Revolution, except it has the additional energy of the planet Uranus returning to its place at the founding of the US, 9 degrees Gemini, 4 July 1776. Previous times Uranus was at this degree are:
·       1944
·       1861
·       1777
·       1693
·       1609

And at these times there was heavy involvement with foreigners, either them invading the US or the US fighting overseas [1944], except for the 1861 period of the US Civil War. I believe the 1693 period is when the English threw the Dutch out of America, and 1609 is when Henry Hudson sailed into New York, establishing Dutch presence in the New world.

I expect the energy of this aspect to begin strongly in 2026 – only ten years from now, although it should be noted in 1944 we had been at war for 3 years and in 1782 for 6 years, so this period could commence earlier.

As noted, Empires do not end quietly.

The US horoscope is subject to several recurring major cycles. When any of these cycles touch sensitive points in the US horoscope, events occur. When multiple cycles converge on sensitive points major events occur.
1. The first major cycle is the transit of the planet Pluto through the zodiac with a 248 year major period, 64 year minor periods [248/4] of 90 degrees and irregular approximately 30-40 year periods of 45 degrees. Whenever the USA’s natal Mars/Neptune/North Node complex[1] is reactivated by the planet Pluto – God of the underworld, death and regeneration, major events happen even when a ‘minor’ period is operative. For example, the ‘minor’ period centered on 1968 midpointed the roughly 8 year Vietnam period in American geopolitics. The Pluto period is:
Date          relative strength          astrological notation    
6/1782       ***                             AQ opp North Node      American Revolution
8/1815       *                                PI                               War of 1812
4/1859       **                               TA                               Civil War
3/1906       *                                GE                              Panic of 1907, Fed Reserve
7/1943       ****                           LE cnj North Node        WW 2
3/1968       *                                VI                               Vietnam [Tet]
8/1986       **                               SC                              ???
10/2004     *                                SA                              Iraq & Afghanistan
4/2028       ***                             AQ opp North Node
4/2060       *                                PI
Significant periods of influence last from several years before and after these dates. Each of these periods except for 1986 has been marked by war.
2. The Uranus cycle is a second major cycle operating on the US horoscope and has a periodicity of 84 years, the time it takes the planet Uranus to complete a 360 degree transit of the zodiac. The transits of Uranus to the position in the US horoscope where Uranus was 6/6/1944, D-day, are:
Ur > 9 GE 20
USA UR return
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
D Day 6/6
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
VE Day
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ft. Sumpter 4/12
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Mass Bay Colony
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Hudson arrives NY
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Ur > 9 GE 20
Verrazano  NY 1524

We can easily predict that 2027 and the years following will be a once-in-a-century transforming cataclysm for the USA as both the Pluto cycle to the US North Node complex and the Uranus cycle converge as during the Civil War and WW 2.

[1] The USA’s Mars is 90 degrees away from its Neptune in the 360 degree horoscope wheel. At the midpoint of this 90 degree aspect is the North Node of the USA. This greatly intensifies the sensitivity of the North Node making any aspect to it by other planets take on great power as the entire complex will be re-activated.
Mars/Neptune people have a well-deserved reputation in the deceit/deception department, generally because they're never sure of the ramifications of their actions. They lead others down the "garden path" in unproductive, unsatisfactory endeavors, yet they are relatively unconscious of their misrepresentation.
…Inadvertent disasters through incompetence tend to occur with Mars/Neptune. It's like shooting an arrow into the ocean. That's what happens to your intentions, your drive and initiative. This incompetence can also invite disasters in personal relationships and business ventures. Despite positive intentions, Neptunians need to more accurately define and to focus their energy, while looking ahead to the consequences of their actions. Doris Hebel, Celestial Psychology, Aurora Press
US foreign affairs are ruled by Mars/Neptune. The US is a treacherous ally. See “People woke up, and they were gone”

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