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Astrological Musings on Trump and Putin, May, Merkel, von der Leyen

Now with additional snarky remarks

1/27/17 added May, Merkel, vd Leyen
1/12/17 Version 0
1/18/2017 Ver 1 added detail to Putin timing, Trump update
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ver 3 Theresa May updated


For entertainment purposes only. Please do not take seriously any of these predictions without consulting with your mental health care professional, doctor or other medical provider, spiritual advisor, competent astrologer, sponsor, or other “qualified person”, if such exists in your life. I speak about Pluto yet some astronomers have proven that the planet Pluto is not a planet or does not exist at all. Choose it!

1. Abstract. Donald Trump has about a once–in-ten-year intensity phase in his life during the period 30 Dec 2016 through 15 Jan 2017 and beyond for the next month.

Vladimir Putin is experiencing once in thirty-year, explosively transformative energies during the long period beginning 2015 and continuing through the end of 2017, with numerous intermediate peaks. These are, however, the ONLY times he will experience these energies in his mid and later life, and not again until he is 84.

A bromance of the highest order. Trump and Putin have between them many astrological signatures of compatibility, affability, communication, and much more.

2. Donald Trump. A Mercurial horoscope, perfect for a Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Like A/C, alternating current, not all have the detachment to keep up with this type of seemingly bi-polar personality. He should be treated as a dyad. On about 15 Jan 2017 he appears to be going to make a substantial re-arrangement of his financial affairs, looking like a large bequeathment to his children. Although currently under a lot of restrictive stress and containment, this is a recurring theme in Trump’s life and so, not too stressful now. He’s experienced numerous bankruptcies, loan calls, tax breaks, wives, amours and paramours, acclaim, and opprobrium. Being President is not that stressful for him – he’s the ultimate delegator. The immediate stress appears to be in his home life. You could say he’s being pussy-whipped by family issues, etc. – or should I say, AND etc.? A one-term kind of guy, PLUS the US will have increasing MAJOR financial problems, not of Trump’s origin, IF his term rolls on.  

3. Putin. A much more unconsciously out-of-control personality than Trump. The forces operating in his life are the slower moving outer planets and, hence, not subject to conscious control. Somewhat happily, Putin has a lot of death in his life due to his mid-east involvement, especially Syria. Were this to mitigate, this unconscious energy could become problematic for the USA.
Peak energy periods for Vlad include:

·       Approximately 2 week period centered around 14 Feb 2017
·       Approximately 2 week period centered around 28 June 2017 with another peak 2 July 2017
·       Approximately 6 week period centered around 1 Dec 2017 with peaks 11/17/2017, 11/21/2017 and 12/20/2017

Although shocks continue all through 2017.

4. Putin and Trump. Huge simpatico between these two airy characters. It MAY not have a chance to fructify. Vlad has a Libra Sun, and a Gemini Moon, both air signs. DJT has a Gemini Sun and a Sagittarius Moon. Sun/Moon [DJT’s Sun, Vlad’s Moon] combinations rate #1 for affinity and stability in long-term relationships. The air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) process their feelings through their mentalities - they don’t really ‘feel’ stuff, they think about how they feel about it. This is why Vlad has to do so much ‘thinking’. These guys love to talk to each other. Trump and his family can be hugely and ineffably healing for Vlad.

In addition to the Sun-Moon correspondence there are 2 almost magically stabilizing, 5 planet complexes in harmonious correspondence between the two horoscopes. If either of these dudes were looking for a guy to date they have both found each other. A life-long friendship++, mercurially speaking, of course, so it might not be that long. Between the two of them they have the capacity to force peace upon most (read, China!) of the world whether the world wants it or not.

Using astrological symbology the 3 inter-relationships are:
Trump first/Putin
1. SU=MO (Sun = Moon)
2. JU=PL*(SA,NE,ME)  Trump’s Jupiter conjuncts Vlad’s Saturn, Neptune, Mercury stellium that sextiles Vlad’s Pluto
3. PL*NE=SU/MN         Trump’s Pluto*Neptune sextile interacts strongly with Vlad’s Sun/Moon midpoint, with Trump’s Neptune conjuncting Vlad’s Sun and trining Vlad’s moon, and Trump’s Pluto at Vlad’s Sun/Moon midpoint (SU/MN)

5. And a few others
Generally, Trump may trivialize or overlook the great strength and brilliance+ of some of the West’s capable women leaders – Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Ursula von der Leyen whom Merkel should have given up the chancellorship to long ago. .

A. Theresa May – For Watter’s worlders, she’s the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Her unfortunate non-upper class birth prevented her from becoming Prime Minister long ago which her innate brilliance and extra-rational gifts would have easily allowed. Had she been Prime in place of the lap-dog bumblers Blair, Cameron and someone else, she could have saved Great Britain and most of the world much strife and discord. She should consider the UN if she wants to do some real good in the world.
With Trump Once [if] Trump gets a handle on May’s ability and extricates himself from his normal way of thinking about women, Trump and May have the capacity for some fireworks, trade wise of course. She’s savvy enough to let The Donald take any credit for their creations. She almost needs Trump to light[en] her up and let her enormous abilities flow. 
Two suggestions for May: the economy of California is larger than that of the UK. LA is very compatible with TM’s chart so don’t forget to make a trade pact with CA, whether they secede or not. My guess is, like Porsche, 25% or so of Jaguar’s worldwide sales are in California.
AND, it shouldn’t take TM too long to see the US, with Trump or without, has boxed itself into a very isolated corner. Simplistically, the ‘New Silk Road’ will soon run all the way to London.

It is conceivable, based on Theresa May’s horoscope, that more will be revealed about allegations that the Obama administration used GCHQ, the British equivalent of NSA, to spy on President elect Trump’s communications. TM has a 12 year recurring intense, ill luck energy 16 Nov 2016, 12 May 2017, and 7 July 2017 and I will take a guess it’s possible this MAY represent the affair of GCHQ, the British NSA, being used by the Obama administration to spy on President elect Trump. Note the sudden resignation of GCHQ chief Hanigan soon after Trump’s election.

Astro symbology transit JU=PL/SA [from natal square], transit NE=MA [14 Pisces] at 14 June 2017 when transit UR sq PL of USA.

B. Angela Merkel – A lot of personal power with no way to express it except through conniving and manipulating. Possible serious personal issues possibly involving alcohol or medication use, other state changes such as excessive compassion. Merkel should have turned over her position to von der Leyen saving Germany from the disaster it has become. And Merkel is responsible for allowing the USA to manhandle Germany. Germany should have kicked the USA out totally long ago – no more bases, no more “communication facilities”, no more nada.
With Trump – He’ll manhandle her and she does not have the capacity to express some of her great gifts of leadership and compassion. Trump will bully and denigrate her and rather than segueing around it as May would, Merkel will resist.

C. von der Leyen - again from Watter’s Worlders, she’s the current German Defense Minister, mother of 7, and a medical doctor. She should probably give up on Merkel [and possibly Germany] and try to become head of the World Bank if Kim leaves or gets pushed out. Velvet glove tough, tougher than Trump and he knows it. They’ll get along super fine as both are Dogs and vdL will get along swimmingly+ with “Mad Dog.”

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