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Total Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017 Donald Trump, Theresa May

Total Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017

Version 1 – 31 July 2017
Version 2 – 1 August 2017
Version 3 – 1 August 2017 Sheryl Crow not Rose, unlikely she and Axl will hook up
V4 – 8 August 2017
V5 – 11 AUG 17
V6 – 19 AUG 17
Abstract: Severely impacted by the eclipse include the USA, Donald Trump, Theresa May, Dalai Lama, Mukesh Ambani, Hayden Panettiere, Paul Singer.

There is lots of good commentary on the upcoming total solar eclipse such as Marjorie Orr: and she refers to a NASA website about the upcoming eclipse being part of a Saros series of recurring eclipses.

1.   Astro details: The Sun and Moon will conjoin at the eclipse at 28 degrees Leo 53 minutes. Uranus trines [an astrologically significant angle of 120 degrees] the eclipse point from 28 degrees Aries 23 minutes, adding a significant, harmoniously fiery energy. Additionally, Uranus is exactly semi-square [45 degrees] Neptune at 13 Pisces.
2.   From my files the following additional private and public charts will be directly affected:
A large group of nativities born in 1955 thru 1957 who have Pluto in Leo near the eclipse point including:
Dora  W                       PL = 28LE37
Karin E                        PL = 28LE42
Amy Goodman             PL = 28LE05
Hiker Amy                    PL = 29LE11
Theresa May               PL = 29LE33
Robert Hand                NN = 28LE54
Dalai Lama                 VE = 28LE05
Margo                         VE = 28LE40
James Mattis              VE = 28LE07
Pippa Middleton        MN = 29LE24
Peter N                        MN = 28LE29
Donald J Trump         AS = 29LE58
Paul Singer                SU = 29LE08

Celebs with Pluto near the eclipse point:
Bill Gates, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Kris Jenner, Whoopi Goldberg, Christine Lagarde, Mukesh Ambani, Maria Shriver,

And within that group a set born from January 1956 through June 1956 who have Neptune trine [120 degrees] from the eclipse point and also opposite Uranus and inharmoniously aspecting Neptune at the time of the eclipse. Consult individual horoscopes for details.

And a few celebs I have a sometime interest in
Hayden Panettiere     SU = 28LE27 [MN=28AR53!!!!!]  8/21/1989
I feel like calling her agent and warning her

And a series of people born in late 1961 and the first 7 months of 1962 who have Uranus near the eclipse point of 28 degrees Leo including:
Tom Cruise, Jon Bon Jovi, Axl Rose, Sheryl Crow, Heather Locklear, Paula Abdul, Rosie O’Donnell,
From the celebrity astrology database with search function

And anyone born 20 or 21 August in any year

3. More detail

Theresa May will be severely impacted by the eclipse as it hits not only on her Moon/Pluto conjunction in late Leo [MN=27LE19, PL=29LE33 ; midpoint=28LE26] but also Neptune will conjoin her Mars in Pisces at the same time and Uranus will semi-square her Mars. Look for ANOTHER bad decision like the one to hold a spot election.

If she only loses her Prime Ministry she’ll be fortunate.
Theresa May’s birth time is unknown so her Moon position could be off by as much as 5 degrees or so either way from my 5 am guess-timate.

Donaldo aka @RealDonaldTrump severely impacted as the eclipse hits directly on his ascendant with natal Mars conjunct at almost 27 degrees in his 12th house. Additionally, Saturn is EXACTLY conjunct his 21 degree Sagittarius Moon, and opposing his 23 degree Gemini Sun. Trump has a natal Sun/Moon opposition in Gemini/Sagittarius, a trial for all concerned.
Hard not to imagine a very public loss of power. Uranus in DJT’s 9th house could presage an unexpected foreign event or trip. Exact birth time known so Moon position is accurate.

USA greatly energized by the eclipse, mostly inharmoniously. Eclipse opposes the US’s natal Moon at 27AQ12 in the 3rd house, with Uranus and Neptune squaring and semi-squaring, respectively, the US’s natal Pluto in the 2nd house of personal finance. Transiting Saturn opposes the US’s natal 7th house Mars at the eclipse perhaps causing restrictions on the US acting in partnerships. Transiting Neptune trines the US’s natal Sun.

Dalai Lama [and others born 6 July 1935] will have his powerfully harmonious free-flowing horoscope enhanced by the eclipse.

4. Further Astrological commentary
Uranus/Neptune: There is an exact semi-square between Uranus and Neptune at the time of the eclipse so strong Neptune energy is potentiated for anyone who experiences the eclipse activating their nativity [natal horoscope]. The USA, Theresa May and Donald Trump will experience strong Uranus/Neptune energy during this eclipse. Some generalizations:

“Uranus/Neptune contacts represent altered states of consciousness, which can be induced in many ways. Being unconscious is an altered state, whether it is caused by overindulgence in drugs or alcohol (anesthetized) or by being knocked unconscious. Most importantly, when Uranus/Neptune contacts aspect any personal points or planets, these people should exercise extreme caution concerning their intake of synthetic substances….
While uncon­scious, they are open to attracting negative energy which can pro­duce bizarre behavior or extra-ordinary mental perspectives….
Experiencing these altered states is almost unavoidable for those with Uranus/Neptune contacts to their personal planets or points. Others not exposed to the metaphysical world may view them as psychotic…. Uranus/Neptune contacts and midpoints are often found in the charts of disasters in which a number of people are killed. People who die in airplane crashes, bomb raids or any catastrophic event usually have a Uranus/Neptune aspect or midpoint in contact with their Sun or Ascendant at the time of the disaster….”

I’d like to see a list of the prescription meds both Theresa and DJT are taking AND, for that matter, I’d like to see every Presidential candidate disclose what meds they’re on.

Uranus/Pluto: Uranus/Pluto energy is important because at the time of the eclipse Uranus is forming a 120 degree angle to the eclipse point imbuing the eclipse with this energy.
“Uranian change is always subject to reversal. But the change implied by Pluto is far more dynamic and inclusive, altering one's life irre­vocably. Uranus may change a situation, inject new information, but Pluto can eliminate the situation altogether….”
All snippets from ‘Celestial Psychology’, Doris Hebel, Aurora Press, 1972

Uranian change from a market perspective - “The combination of central banker-applied brute force (buying everything in sight) and deity like central banker pronouncements has dampened market volatility and frisky free-lancing, but at the same time it has encouraged risk taking (in market positioning, not it business formation). We have thought, and still think, that confidence in central banks and policymakers has been unjustified and thus could erode or collapse at any time. Since the major financial institutions which comprise the financial system are still way overleveraged and opaque (in fact with record amounts of debt and derivatives at present), such a break in confidence could happen abruptly and without warning.” – from Paul Singer’s Q2 investor letter

5. Secondary strong aspect happening in the USA horoscope at the time of the eclipse. Lightning bolt energies dealing with US financial system, possibly housing, in effect 5/2017 until 5/2018 with peaks 14 June 2017, 22 Sept 2017 and 2 April 2018, essentially potentiating the entire period of May 2017 thru May 2018 with this lightning bolt type of energy. The 22 September 2017 peak will be affected by the eclipse, potentiating turmoil for the USA during the entire period 20Aug17 thru 23Sep17.

The planet Uranus, ruler of unexpected changes, “unknown unknowns” [Donald Rumsfeld], and Mother of Black Swans, comes to significantly aspect Pluto in the USA horoscope, whose later activation by transiting Pluto in 2022-3 signifies the complete transformation of the US financial system.

See titled Astrological energies around the Collapse of US Financial System 2017-2050

Overall energy of Uranus - Pluto
Uranus = Pluto (Unexpected Transformation) Transit
When Uranus and Pluto come together, there is the process of transformation that comes about in a rather sudden or unexpected manner. It ends the old way of doing things and begins a new pattern or order, but this can also be done through revolution and/or revolutionary ideas. Thus, this brings about reform, not always in a pleasant manner. There can also be many new inventions made which could influence the lives of the masses. New ideas and concepts or creations can come with this. It denotes a person who takes chances and is daring with their life, hoping to change their present circumstances and make their life more exciting. On the negative or misuse of this energy,  there could be inventions made which are for mass destruction, along with acts of violence that are unexpected, as in terrorism and subversive activities; there could also be sudden accidents. From Midpoint Keys Report, Cosmic Matrix software.

Both Pluto and Uranus symbolize forces that tear down what is existing in order to make room for the new. When they are brought together by transit, their combined effect can be both explosive and revitalizing. The Gods of Change, Howard Sasportas, pg. 293

14 June 2017
Major unexpected change occurs but overall energy is beneficial and expansive. Lots of partnership issues – the only nation the USA is really partners with is the UK.

22 Sept 2017An extremely powerful energized time with a significant negative overall energy. Lot of emphasis on foreigners.
UR comes to square USA’s Pluto AND a transiting complex of PL, UR, NE, MA is formed – a special [135 degree] Thor’s Hammer Y by transit. Mitigating Neptune trine US’s Sun

Yod is a rare astrological aspect that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle. … This situation is said to trigger major events, thus revealing the true power of the Yod.

PL/UR = (NE=MA); NE=SU [trine] 

2 April 2018 -

UR=PL; (MA=SA)=UR [150]

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