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Lilly Strengths

Lilly Strengths

William Lilly was a famous English astrologer in the 1600’s. He predicted the Great Fire of London 14 years before it happened and was investigated for possibly causing it. Lilly created a system of classifying planetary strengths in a natal horoscope arriving at a weighted numeric value to each planet in a person’s horoscope.

Certain of the horoscopes in my large database have Lilly Strengths worth mentioning. From my studies any Lilly Strength over 20 is notable and will express itself in the life. Roughly one horoscope in 25 has a Lilly Strength over 20 of one of the planets.

George Soros

Mercury 27 & Jupiter 28

Father Terry

Mercury 25

Ruth Y.

Mercury 25

Pat Allen

Mercury 24


Mercury 24

Suzanne Caffee

Mercury 26

Ashley Robbins

Mercury 25, Jupiter 24

Susan M.

Mercury 27, Mars 25

Osama bin Laden

Mercury 33

Dr. Pirnazar

Mars 28

Donald Angle

Mars 28

Silda Spitzer

Mars 26

Princess Anne

Mars 24, Mercury 21

Dora W.

Mars 29

Brugh Joy

Mars 24

Betsy H.

Mars 23

Warren Buffet

Mars 23, Jupiter 21, Venus 20

Julie Poole

Jupiter 21

Kevin Ryan

Jupiter 23, Venus 21

Chris Robbins

Jupiter 27

Tony Robbins

Jupiter 25

Anna Smith

Jupiter 26

Dr. Julie Ralls

Jupiter 26

  • All the people I know with high Mercury Strengths are extremely intelligent AND they have a capacity to express and create in the world by their writing and speaking. The mental gifts extend to the intuitive. Simplistically, they are very F’ing smart - to a greater degree than you CAN be aware. In other words we judge people and situations from our own frame of reference. Few have a frame of reference to judge Lilly strengths over 20.

  • Those with high Mars Strengths are dangerously unaware of their willfulness and capacity to move events to their liking – and their destructiveness to themselves and others. They MOVE things the way they want and it all seems correct – ‘Oh, this IS God’s will. It’s all going just how I wanted it to’. Strong Mars have a limited capacity for true surrender. The tough events they INEVITABLY BRING TO THEMSELVES are a result of - “That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as Fate.” K. Jung A good suggestion to these people is ‘DO nothing and look within’, BUT the Martian personality NEEDS resistance in order to experience itself so they constantly seek it out and create resistance when it’s not there. Ill health from middle age on seems to be the unconscious way of taking down the inner stress level – sometimes permanently.

  • Those with high Jupiter Strengths seem to blithely meander through always getting saved from any real bad luck, usually just in the nick of time. The problem is that of excess. “Jupiter is not always the cosmic Santa Claus it is made out to be.” Doris Hebel, Celestial Psychology. My Jupiter is 22 – high but not over the top. I have been miraculously saved ‘in the wink of an eye’ from 2 deadly diseases - polio and alcoholism. I also experienced a quite miraculous recovery from a bad case of Lyme’s disease - unless I have it now and don’t know it. ANYONE with a Jupiter Strength over 20 should be considered rich regardless of their actual financial circumstances. Bill Gates has a 19 Jupiter, Melinda, 21.

  • One of the most extraordinary cases is that of Susan M. who I met soon after I moved to Mammoth in 2001. It was not until some time afterwards I noticed her Lilly Strength readings - Mercury 27, Mars 25. Curiously, Susan is about 4’ 9” and it has been difficult to get much information from her. A Berkeley Ph.D. in Art History and then the director of a large college museum, Susan unexpectedly came back to California and lives in her parent’s house. From her energy pattern and her palm I deduced she had a mental breakdown. She confirmed this the first time I met her when I looked at her palm. I believe she has been taking fairly heavy mood altering medications ever since the breakdown which has severely blunted the extraordinary powers indicated by her Lilly Strengths. My partially corroborated guess exactly fits the fated ‘burn out’ or illness scenario I suggest is the tempering that comes to those immensely Martian.

  • Osama bin Laden’s Mercury Strength is 1.5 to 2 ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE higher than any other strength for any other planet for anyone else in my database. If everyone else is on a scale of 70 to 100 this is 1350. As the Jewish talk of the Lamed Vov[1] who rule the world creating the triumph of righteousness, and the Yogis speak of Himalayan ascetics seated on simple blankets in a cave unobtrusively bringing truth to human affairs, such also is the obeisance we must accord this overarching intelligence.

[1] There are not less than 36 tzaddikim/righteous persons in the world who receive the Shekhinah/the Divine Presence. Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 97b, Sukkot 45b

The Lamed-Vovnik Andre Schwarz-Bart

RIVERS OF BLOOD HAVE FLOWED, columns of smoke have obscured the sky, but surviving all these dooms, the tradition has remained inviolate down to our own time. According to it, the world reposes upon thirty-six Just Men, the Lamed-Vov, indistinguishable from simple mortals; often they are unaware of their station. But if just one of them were lacking, the sufferings of mankind would poison even the souls of the newborn, and humanity would suffocate with a single cry. For the Lamed-Vov are the hearts of the world multiplied, and into them, as into one receptacle, pour all our griefs.

Thousands of popular stories take note of them. Their presence is attested to everywhere. A very old text of the Haggadah tells us that the most pitiable are the Lamed-Vov who remain unknown to themselves. For those the spectacle of the world is an unspeakable hell.

In the seventh century, Andalusian Jews venerated a rock shaped like a teardrop, which they believed to be the soul, petrified by suffering, of an 'unknown' Lamed-Vovnik. Other Lamed-Vov, like Hecuba shrieking at the death of her sons, are said to have been transformed into dogs.

When an unknown Just rises to Heaven, a Hasidic story goes, he is so frozen that God must warm him for a thousand years between His fingers before his soul can open itself to Paradise. And it is known that some remain forever inconsolable at human woe, so that God Himself cannot warm them. So from time to time the Creator, blessed be His Name, sets forward the clock of the Last Judgment by one minute. The Last of the Just

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