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BOAKYAGB - Notes on upcoming aspects to the USA’s horoscope

BOAKYAGB - Notes on upcoming aspects to the USA’s horoscope - preliminary

Pluto by degree per year direction is coming conjunct the natal Neptune of the USA in May 2011.


When one of the outer planets Pluto, Neptune, or Uranus has directed to a planet or point in the US’s horoscope important geo-political changes have occurred.

All important angular separations[1] in the US’s horoscope that have become conjunct by degree per year direction in the last 100 years are;

Neptune > Pluto

125o 08'


Pluto > Uranus

131o 22'


Financial Panic of 1907 – Federal Reserve

Pluto > Mars

143o 50'


Flu epidemic

Pluto > Venus

155o 33'



Neptune > Moon

154o 45'


First Great Depression

Pluto > Jupiter

158o 23'



Pluto > Sun

165o 46'


WW 2

Pluto > Mercury

176o 39'


Pluto > North Node

189o 03'



Uranus > Pluto

228o 38'


revisiting the financial Panic of 1907

Pluto > Neptune

234o 52'


Dates are calculated by adding the number of whole degrees to 1776, converting minutes of separation into days and adding that to 4 July. Thus Pluto comes conjunct the Sun by direction 165 years and 46/60x365 days after 4 July 1776 or 11 April 1942. [(1776+165=1941) +(46/60x365 days) = 11 April 1942 (Fall of the Philippines to the Japanese – Bataan Death March). I have used the 90 degree dial to arrive at the exact dates.

Whenever Pluto aspects Neptune in the US’s horoscope it sets off the energy of the USA’s natal Mars square Neptune with the North Node sitting at that midpoint! As pointed out it in previous Astro-Economic alerts, the North Node [NN] of the USA is the single most important point in the horoscope. It sits at the Mars/Neptune midpoint. Aspects to the NN have huge effects in the affairs of the US, usually involving significant deaths. Furthermore, the USA’s long history of ineptitude in foreign affairs[2] is readily apparent from this aspect and the houses it occupies in the natal chart. Multiple aspects by transit to the NN enabled me to correctly predict in May 2005 a disaster to hit the USA in September of 2005[3].

Additional directions related to the Mars/Neptune/NN complex that come active in the next 2 years are:

Pluto >direction square Mars 4/30/2010 [Pl 21 Vi 23]

Pluto > direction semi-square Mars/Neptune midpoint [21 Vi 54] about 10/30/2010

Pluto > direction conjunct Neptune 5/12/2011 [Pl 22 Vi 25]

Pluto > direction semi-square North Node about 7/13/2011 [22 Vi 36]




PL sq Ma

21 Vi 35




Pl ssq Ma/Ne mid

21 Vi 54




Pl conj Ne !!!

22 Vi 25




Pl ssq NN

22 Vi 36

When I get a round tuit I’ll amplify these notes and may even post some predictions[4].

Brief Introduction

The horoscope of the USA I use is constructed using the date 4 July 1776, Philadelphia, PA, at 5:10 LMT, or local mean time. Some corroboration for the veracity of this time can be inferred from;

1. On 9/11/2001 Neptune by degree per year direction squared the North Node of the USA.

2. On 9/11/2001 8:47 AM, NYC, Pluto by transit was at 12 Sag 38, almost on the USA’s ascendant of 12 Sag 21.


Many astrologers assert that important predictive information comes from the angular separation between planets in a horoscope. By converting the angular separation to time using one degree per year – and also about 6 days per minute, as there are 60 minutes in a 365 day degree – astrologers can predict important energetic combinations. As the conjunction is by far the most powerful planetary combination I have only used it and its easy calculation from angular separation.

I have alluded to the importance of inverse combinations in the USA’s Uranus/Pluto angular separation. When Pluto by direction – that is 131 years and about 4 months after 4 July 1776 – came to the point of Uranus in the USA’s horoscope the formerly famous Panic of 1907 occurred. After finagling for almost 7 years Congress established the US Federal Reserve, also known as The Creature from Jekyll Island. I predicted a financial crisis to hit the US when Uranus directed to Pluto in 2005. There is no reason to believe that less than 7 years will elapse before the current financial crisis, largely caused by Congress in 1913, and the US’s desire to get something for nothing in a debt kiting scheme called US Treasury bonds – will become resolved.



Mars/Neptune people have a well-deserved reputation in the deceit/deception department, generally because they're never sure of the ramifications of their actions. They lead others down the "garden path" in unproductive, unsatisfactory endeavors, yet they are relatively unconscious of their misrepresentation…

Inadvertent disasters through incompetence tend to occur with Mars/Neptune. It's like shooting an arrow into the ocean. That's what happens to your intentions, your drive and initiative. This incompetence can also invite disasters in personal relationships and business ventures. Despite positive intentions, Neptunians need to more accurately define and to focus their energy, while looking ahead to the consequences of their actions. Doris Hebel, Celestial Psychology, Aurora Press

In case you haven’t noticed, throughout its history, the US’s foreign policy has been significantly colored by this energy of ineptitude. For many years this incompetence was masked by America’s relative geographic isolation - the Pearl Harbor attack seems to me to be the singular event causing the global spread of American foreign policy incompetence. In many respects, the Japanese attack has inspired an almost berserkly protective and too long lasting over-reaction indicative of the US’s Cancerian, protective, mothering Sun sign.

Due to astrological factors - Neptune in the US’s house of foreign affairs and Mars in its house of partnerships - the US most bungles its relationships with foreign partners. God help those countries we attempt to ‘help’.


Astro-Economic Alert #9

August 2005

Rev 4

Summary: The horoscope of the US is subject to significant inharmonious energy during the period 6 July 2005 through 26 October 2005, with a peak negative period occurring during the first three weeks of September. Additionally, these energies are confluent with an aspect of strong, unexpected change to the US’s financial structures. This aspect was last operative in 1907.

Lao Tzu, a 6th century BC poet observed, "Those who have knowledge don't predict. Those who predict don't have knowledge." Well, we will just see about that!


At that time Herod the tetrarch heard of the fame of Jesus,

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