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Astro-economic Alert #14

Astro-economic Alert #14

The Profit of Doom


The following normal long-term trends are operative in the financial, economic and political markets;

1. The United States is bankrupt and unable and unwilling to repay its long accumulated debts.

2. By 2030 the Chinese economy will be 6 times the size of the US economy.

3. The US is now under the de facto authority of a military dictatorship.

4. A normal 22-27 year higher interest rate, higher commodity price cycle began a few years ago and will continue for another 20+ years.

5. Between 2009 to 2013 the US, its people and homelands and its markets will experience large-scale, unique and severe disruptions. In the time 2026-2029 the US will be in a fight for its survival.


1. The United States is bankrupt - unable to pay its outstanding debts. Worse, the US Government and its citizenry are unwilling, and have been unwilling, to repay their financial obligations since about 1913, the founding of the private bank called The Federal Reserve[1], which is simply a glorified debt kiting scheme.

The purchasing power of the US dollar has declined about 98% since 1913 after a previous 150 years of stability with full dollar/gold and silver inter-convertibility. Simplistically, gold has gone from US $20/oz. to US $650/oz., and gold would be much higher were there not collusive gold market manipulation[2].

When ‘they’ begin fiddling with the look and color of the currency bills LOOK OUT. The time is not far off when, for periods of time, NO AMOUNT of US dollars will be able to purchase gold or silver[3]. The US will go into a financial lockdown when it devalues its currency to approach market rates.

2. In the intermediate term the US markets have not yet experienced the cyclical equity bottom about 6 years following the 2004 astrological energization[4]. Expect a traumatic equity market bottom about 2010.

In the past 5 years even normal market fluctuations have been perverted by substantive and rank manipulation of all the US markets by the Fed and government agencies. Money is ‘created’ to purchase ‘the averages’. These and all the other manipulated market distortions will be equilibrated in time[5] [6].

3. As the 20th century was the Century of America, the 21st Century will be the Century of China – by 2030 the Chinese economy will be 6 times the size of the US economy.

4. The U.S. is now under a military dictatorship and is unable to revert to even the misunderstood, misconstrued and mis-remembered glories of its Founding Father’s and their blazing ideals and cries for Liberty. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s prescient worst fears have come true.

Liberty, not democracy, is the outstanding virtue of free people and from that liberty arises democracy or whatever form of government they choose. The people of the U.S. have given up their liberty for the supposed furtherance of democracy clothed in the promise of a government transfer payment – mostly in the future. The American people have lost both their liberty and their democracy.

US foreign policy is mis-directed to the promotion of ‘democracy’ when it should, following the example of our own Founding Fathers, be directed to the promotion of liberty and free choice. The US now disallows the very liberty of nascent governments whose political views do not coincide with our military interests.

Our brilliant founding fathers and America’s greatest generations fought and died for LIBERTY as recently as 1945. America’s current military service avoiding leaders[7] should be working out the drama of their Father’s lives in psychotherapy instead of direct phone lines to the Pentagon. WW II was the last war the US won[8].


1. Get out of US dollar denominated assets. Move money and assets out of the US into instruments of value that cannot be expropriated by the US and entities that have deputed their financial independence to the US and its agents. Britain (“Yo, Blair.”) is an example. The British are financially incompetent even where they are independent of the influence of the US. Gordon Brown – still in office – sold most of Britain’s remaining gold reserves at about $260/oz in 2002, the bottom of the gold market in the past 25 years.

The Japanese have deputed not only their financial independence but also their very freedom to a strategically, as distinct from tactically, dys- and non-functional US military[9] [10]. Japan has emasculated itself and will suffer greatly for it unless it throws off US hegemony. Japan is now unable to defend itself and the US unwilling, even if able, to do so in the future. In the 2028 timeframe it is likely China will take over Japan[11].

2. Follow the long-term trends that have stood the test of time – corrupt government actions to pervert the trends notwithstanding.

A. Equity markets have topped in real terms.

B. Commodity markets have bottomed[12]

C. The bond market reached a 20-25 year peak – interest rate low - June 2003.

“The DOW Jones Industrials could go to 100,000 but no value will be created.” Marc Faber.

The Prophesies

It’s karmic debts of empire finally repaid by the middle of the 21st Century, America will rejoin the ranks of the 3 to 5 wealthiest nations at about the mid-point of the prosperity scale. Its capital will be Omaha.

1. Astrology predicts a market low in real terms in 2010 as a result of the substantial current distortions initiated in 2002-2006.

2. An astrological re-energization of foreign based instability to the US horoscope that last occurred around 1519, 1683, and 1846[13] will reoccur in 2010-2012. Students of history can draw their own conclusions.

Positively, this will be a time when the US, Mexico and Canada combine their governments into one, probably for security. Negatively, some are predicting this combine will take place because foreign troops on American soil will see no border distinctions.

3. In addition to the 140 year cycle astrological undermining of the US’s financial and home stability another coincident malefic aspect will severely affect the US housing stock[14].

4. in sum, the period 2009 through 2013 will be one of monumental upheaval in the US.

As God does not care if you believe in Him, so too does no one care if you believe in astrology. As Sir Isaac Newton once said, “I have studied it Sir, and you have not.”

Additional discussion

1. All supposed democratic governments throughout history have devolved to military dictatorships. No reason in human nature exists that the political experiment called the United States of America should be any different.

No paper currency – fractional reserve banking system - has ever survived. All previous have ended in chaotic financial and political apocalypse. Avoidance of periodic market fluctuations, sometimes severe, has significantly increased the fluctuations that will occur. “What you resist persists.” W. Erhard

The United States is not a democracy and never has been. The US was created as a federated republic – a loose federation of independent self-ruling states with a small central government to handle functions such as mail, international relations, and seignorage.

300 years is a long time for a government structure to exist – we can reasonably expect the American experience to be substantially restructured at this time.

The most important attribute of any country is the personal liberty of its citizens. Liberated informed citizens can create any form of government that suits the collective demeanor of its people.[15] Citizens not at liberty will always, perforce, need to be repressed and suppressed and incarcerated by a governing structure that is attempting to remain viable when it has become outmoded.

The creation of a standing professional armed forces after WW 2 seems to be the demarcation to America’s loss of liberty and its reversion to the worst fears of our founders and all astute Americans especially, the much derided at the time of his presidency, the military genius Dwight Eisenhower. Powerfully, as all paradoxes operate, to save and preserve our American Republic we have lost it. This entirely befits the duality into which we humans have been thrown. As it is in giving that we receive so to is it by reverting to citizen-soldiers who go home and to work productively can America, with its almost unique geographic isolation and protection, become great once again.

Unfortunately, professional armies attract and cathect organizations and a Lilliputian mesh of rules and regulations that stifle true innovation and initiative – the true elements of victory. Even America’s best on-the-field military heroes, Chesty Puller and Geo. Patton, were derided by politico-general desk jockeys ever willing to assume command office and avoid the battlefield personally.

Very clearly, America has not won a war since its large post-WW 2 standing armed forces largely refused to leave the public breast. Ineptitude and incompetence[16] are the inevitable results of a professional military which becomes self propagating and defensive. Citizens lose their liberty for the protection of a military complex obsessed with its own.

The collective instinct that drives the military-industrial complex lies posited in humankind’s very instincts for survival and, as such, is far removed from our rational minds. The will to aggressively defend and attack becomes a self‑fulfilling and self-propagating process. As an experiment to investigate the power of your instinctual drives try not eating OR drinking anything for 3 full days. Such is the power of the reptilian brained military industrial complex we have created.

2. “The U.S. economy is doomed”, Marc Faber. The creative and innovative lifeblood of America’s greatness has been ‘donated’ to government agencies acting as incompetent and inefficient transfer agencies.

Has any great industry creating­‑invention like the transistor or the Unix operating system come from MCI Labs, Sprint Labs, Verizon Labs – the creations of the government’s rapacious anti-trust suit against the Bell System? The Bell System was broken up by a bunch of grandstanding lawyers from the US Department of Justice working with an unlimited budget. World-Com was the result.

What possible economic benefit ensued from DoJ’s 10 year battle against the supposed monopoly of IBM? More grandstanding government lawyers using unlimited taxpayer funds have attempted to subvert the excellence of Microsoft – one of America’s last bastions of technical innovation and profitability.

Read the original theoretical paper from Bell Labs Technical journal proposing a cellular system of communication call routing from 1948. People unable to get visas to American universities are now thinking the creative thoughts of the future at places unheard of to most Americans, such as the technical University of Allahabad.

"A free society allows, encourages, and even depends on people who can define the values that give their lives meaning, and then pursue these values autonomously. It relies on people who are entrepreneurs in their own lives, who are capable of thinking for themselves, who have a sense of self-ownership, and the drive to make the most of themselves and their opportunities." David Kelley

[Government] covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate…" Alexis de Tocqueville

both above from June 27, 2006

Astro Details


Pl opp Ve


Pl opp Ve


Pl opp Ve


Pl opp Ve


Ne opp Mn


Pl opp Ve


Pl opp Ve


Ne opp Mn


Ur sq Ve


Pl opp Ju


Ur sq Ve


Ne opp Su


Pl opp Ju


Ne opp Su


Ur sq Ve


Ur sq Ju


Ur sq Ju


Ur sq Ju

Even people and computers that were in the buildings disappeared turning into heat and light. That is why almost nothing of them was found in the ruins.

“American public opinion rejects the market economy, the capitalistic free enterprise system that provided the nation with the highest standard of living ever attained. Full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of both national parties.” Ludwig von Mises , September 27, 2006

[1] “The combat and instability would continue because its real source was the political contract struck between democracy and capital back in 1913, the implicit decision that democratic politics could not be trusted to act responsibly in the national interest. Therefore, the authority and responsibilities of elected politicians were permanently curtailed. Put another way, the elected government was allowed to be permanently irresponsible – free to indulge its own follies and protected from the accountability by the higher authority, the non-elected central bank. The creation of the Federal Reserve represented a great retreat from democratic possibilities. The maturing of self-government was forever stunted.” Pg. 534, Secrets of the Temple – How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country, William Greider, Simon and Schuster, 1987


Gold At An "Inflation-Adjusted" $2,176

"In terms of today's dollars, gold reached $2,176 in 1980."

That eye-opening news comes from Larry Edelson of Weiss Research, and what he means here is that gold isn't just undervalued at today's price, it's a steal.

Edelson continues: "Even if it were to reach just half of its inflation-adjusted price, the yellow metal would zoom to more than $1,000 an ounce, a gain greater than 50% from today's level."

[3] Strange things can happen during the equilibration process.

“One of our clients grew up on a farm in Germany. Years ago he told us about what happened in 1921. His parents had a large mortgage on the farm. One day, at the peak of the hyperinflation, they took ten dozen eggs to market and sold them. With the proceeds they went to the bank and paid off the mortgage.”

From , BEST OF JIM COOK, May 24, 2005, GOLD REDUX

[4] The USA is under the thralldom of a significant and negative astrological aspect whose influence began in 2002 and which will continue until about the end of 2006. The USA’s natal North Node/Mars/Neptune [Ma/Nep=NN] square[4] is being reactivated by the planet Pluto – God of the underworld, death and regeneration - and hence, sexuality[Abu Gharib]. Midpoints of previous 4 year activations of this Mars/Neptune complex by Pluto occurred in 1782, 1815, 1859, 1906, 1943, 1968, 1986 and will occur again in 2028.

By inspection, this aspect has brought about large geo-political change to the US, mostly by war. Succedent economic hangovers from these changes can last for many years following as in the case of the 1968 aspect where the full impact of the devaluation of US currency to pay for the Vietnam War – remember silver quarters, big clunky half dollars, occasional silver dollars in circulation? – did not cause a stock market bottom until 1974. Current fiscal imbalances are a result of irresolution and mis-resolution of the of the 1970’s imbalances which, in turn, arose from another Texan guns-and-butter Presidency.

See also previous alerts.

[5] "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved. Ludwid Von Mises

[6] LME default on the nickel contract, ABX short gold position, silver shorts on the COMEX

[7] “Once again, it’s worth noting that Cheney himself has been adept at avoiding military service, a man who considered himself “too busy” to go to Vietnam. This is a man who hits the bunker at the first sign of trouble – a man who has never risked life, limb or bank account for anyone, yet has no qualms about enriching himself and his cronies on the backs of the young men and women he and buddy Donald Rumsfeld send to the front line.” Aug 21,2006

[8] The US failed to prevail in the two major wars it has fought in Asia since World War II, in Korea and Vietnam. Instead, these two wars did enormous damage to US social cohesion, caused sharp curtailment in domestic liberty, degraded public trust in government and created cynicism on professed US national values. Henry Liu, Asia Times On-line,

[9] The simple example of the 22 caliber M-16 ‘battle’ rifle is as good as any of military bureaucratic bungling. Many died because Robert McNamara, in a cost cutting move, eliminated the hard chrome plating of the rifle bores, ignoring Gene Stoner’s original limited but brilliant design. This desk-jockey omission led to the death of many in Viet Nam due to corrosion failures and weapons jamming.

There are STILL strictures in many regular US units in Iraq and Afghanistan to not use AK-47’s which have a 30 caliber bullet. Ever hear the phrase ‘bigger is better’?????. Spec Ops guys and contractors are seldom M-16 equipped by choice. 30 caliber is roughly double [900/484] the size of 22.

Better yet, follow the Internet links about body armor and how some generals in Iraq are wearing the newer ceramic armor as ‘testers’ but forbidding troopers from using it even if they pay for it themselves. Actually, Rumsfeld’s office is even more nefarious – they have disallowed the Government death benefit for troopers not wearing US issue armor.


Sic transit Gloria Mundi

“Aircraft carrier battle groups are the mainstay of US military supremacy. They serve as America’s chief instrument for global power projection and world dominance. In this category, the US has no equal. At the moment, the US maintains a total of 12 aircraft carrier battle groups. In comparison, China has none.
The sad part for the US Navy is that even if American leaders and naval theorists realize the horrible truth that aircraft carriers have been rendered obsolete in modern warfare by China’s "assassin’s mace", the navy cannot just change strategy or discard its carriers. Hundreds of billions of dollars … and hundreds of thousands of jobs would be affected if such behemoths are turned into scrap. Besides, even if US Navy authorities wanted to change strategy, the all-powerful and influential military-industrial complex lobby would not allow it.

So, if and when a major conflict between the US and China occurs, say over the issue of Taiwan, pity those thousands of American sailors who are unfortunate enough to be in one of those aircraft carrier battle groups. They won't stand a chance.” from Asia Times On-line, with permission

Author’s commentary – much more serious is the outdated idea of the military-industrial-Congressional complex that the Pacific strategy of WW 2 can be successfully used to accomplish present day American aims of protective worldly omnipotence. Simplistically, the ‘In God we trust’ from our founding Fathers and on our currency has been replaced by outmoded humans ideas in whom we, collectively, and if only by our non-attention, have placed out trust.

“What I fear no one forsees is a substantial danger that we could lose the American army now deployed in Iraq.”


As I do not care if you believe in astrology, neither do I care if you believe in karma. HOWEVER, Japan has an outstanding unpaid collective debt for having invaded China in the 1930’s and killing what has been reasonably estimated to be 30 MILLION Chinese.

In the same way, the US has a lot of what I would call unrequited ‘bombing karma’ from its many campaigns. As you destroy, so also shall ye be destroyed. This suggestion of housing karma facing the US corroborates with the destructive long term astrology aspects previously noted of foreign troops on US soil and the Plutonic destruction noted. Destruction of the US’s housing stock will come - it could come about from an asteroid strike. America has brought much destruction on the housing of others from the sky. I think it is no accident Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans occurred after our destruction of Fallujah. Read the original US Strategic Bombing survey from WW 2 to see how ineffective bombing was compared to the costs.

Non-students of history, as most Americans are, are blithefully unaware of the karmic revenge heaped upon several generations of British from their excesses of empire in India, Africa and many other parts of the world. It is estimated that 420,000 British died in the Battle of the Somme during the equalization process.

[12] Since 1803, for instance, there have only been five mega upmoves in commodity prices, lasting about 22 years on average. The sixth mega upmove is just beginning and it's coinciding with the war on terror, just as previous upmoves also coincided with wars.

This tells us that the current rise in commodities, gold and oil could last for another 15 years or so. But that doesn't mean they'll go straight up. There might even be a year or two of a decline during this upward path but if that happens, our major trend indicators will identify this so we can protect ourselves accordingly. The Aden Report, 9/25/2006

[13] The planet Neptune in the heavens, will move to the same position of the Moon in the USA’s horoscope, severely eroding the stability the US horoscope enjoys from the yod [‘Y’ shaped aspect] of the Sun, Saturn and the Moon in its natal horoscope.

[14] Pluto, ruler of the underworld, the great balancer, comes to oppose the natal conjunction of the USA’s Venus and Jupiter in the sign Cancer, sign of the home, motherhood, and nurturance both planets posited in the USA’s house of marriage and partnerships. Pluto, like the goddess Kali, balances by destroying the things creating imbalance.

The last time this particular exact aspect occurred was 1763 when British troops – ‘A man’s home is his castle’ – were forcibly barracked in colonial homes. This is the origin of our founding Father’s search and seizure strictures in the constitution. Ah, but who cares when you’re after drug dealers and terrorists. right?

[15] Thomas Jefferson felt that each generation should create a political system of its own design. A generation is loosely defined as every 19 years.

[16] Iraq a 'work of art in progress' says U.S. general after 49 die
By Julian Borger, The Guardian, November 3, 2006
An American general in Baghdad called Iraq a "work of art" in progress yesterday in one of the most extraordinary attempts by the US military leadership to put a positive spin on the worsening violence.
On a day in which 49 people were killed or found dead around the country, Major General William Caldwell, the chief military spokesman, argued that Iraq was in transition, a process that was "not always a pleasant thing to watch.
"Every great work of art goes through messy phases while it is in transition. A lump of clay can become a sculpture. Blobs of paint become paintings which inspire," Maj Gen Caldwell told journalists in Baghdad's fortified green zone

Comment -- I imagine that Major General William Caldwell thought that he was articulating a breadth of perspective that most journalists lack, yet what he conveyed was the insularity of a man who sits behind a desk and has more interested in trying to manipulate the way people think than he has in his own grasp of reality. Iraq is a canvas daubed in blood and all that Caldwell managed to convey through his choice of imagery is that from the comfort of the Green Zone he has acquired an emotional detachment that comes across as callous indifference. In the lexicon of this war, "work of art" merits equal rank with Rumsfeld's "stuff happens."


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