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Tiger Year update

Tiger Year update

and a variety of other astrological ruminations – such as, “Having repaid its karmic debts of Empire by about the midpoint of the 21st Century, the United will rejoin the ranks of the 8 or 10 wealthiest nations at about the mid-point of the prosperity scale. Its capital will be Omaha.”

Ah yes, the year of the Tiger is unfolding powerfully. Most Tigers are experiencing the overwhelming “attacks of Fortune” [Plato] I predicted in my Tiger Year blog entry. For me and the few Horses I talk to things are going superbly well. Tiger Years are almost as good as Horse Years for Horses and also for Dogs, Tigers other #1 compatible sign. I have been doing field research on my autobiography for almost 3 months this summer in the area from Death Valley up to Lake Tahoe. A few of the pictures are here.

Metal Rabbit or Cat year will begin 3 February 2011 lasting until 22 January 2012. I find a lot of older Rabbits are sickly. Goats have the worst health of the Chinese zodiac signs, but it appears the triplicity [4 years apart], Goat, Rabbit and Pig all have relatively low vitality. Generally speaking, we could expect Rabbits to experience transforming health problems in the upcoming year if they so are pre-disposed.

As the torus of the zodiac spews out our fortunes [“God, Thou hast created us against our wills. Free us!” – Paramahansa Yogananda said this was the greatest prayer we could utter] there are a few astrological things to note. Pluto is now moving through the Heavens in the early degrees of the sign Capricorn. In the 25 years from 1940 to 1965 the only outer planet [Uranus, Neptune, Pluto] to transit either the sign Capricorn or Cancer, which is opposite to Capricorn, was Uranus which moved through the first decante [10 degrees] of Cancer from about August 1948 until about April of 1952.

Therefore, many born from 1949 through 1952 [Ox, Tigers, Rabbits and Dragons] have or will also experience Pluto by transit in opposition to their natal Uranus. From Doris Hebel, Celestial Psychology,  “URANUS/PLUTO - Uranian change is always subject to reversal. But the change implied by Pluto is far more dynamic and inclusive, altering one's life irrevocably. Uranus may change a situation, inject new information, but Pluto can eliminate the situation altogether.” Can you think of a way for health problems to be eliminated altogether? Individual horoscopes should be consulted for the exact position of Uranus natally -

The transit of Pluto through Capricorn conjoins and opposes the early degrees of Capricorn and Cancer, respectively, and any planets or points there in individual horoscopes will be strongly activated. For example, I have my Ascendant in early Cancer – my Descendent opposite, denoting the house of marriage and partnerships. I fully expect the initiation and demise of one or more partnerships in the next 15 years. During Pluto’s transit of my 6th House of Health I was largely unable to walk due to a worn out hip joint in 1997. I got a replacement as soon as Pluto moved in to the sign Capricorn in 2009.

A few more notes:
  • The People’s Republic of China [1 October 1949, 3:15 pm, Beijing] has Uranus natally at 4 degrees Cancer 59 minutes in the 5th house. As of 15 November 2010, China has experienced the opposition of Pluto to its natal Uranus 2 times and will experience the opposition again 22 Dec 2010, 27 Aug 2011, and 5 Oct 2011.
  • The United States [4 July 1776, 5:10 PM LMT, Philadelphia, PA] has both Venus and Jupiter in the early degrees of Cancer in its 7th house. Pluto has finished opposing Venus [3 Cancer 06] and will oppose Jupiter [5 Cancer 56] 3 times beginning January 2011, ending 20 November 2011. As noted in my Astro-Economic reports from several years ago, this opposition presages big trouble for the US in the areas of housing and also food. Looking further ahead, the US has a 13 degree Cancer Sun which will experience opposition from Pluto beginning about 2013. Watch out! My prophesy – “Having repaid its karmic debts of Empire at the midpoint of the 21st Century, the United will rejoin the ranks of the 8 or 10 wealthiest nations at about the mid-point on the scale. Its capital will be Omaha.”
  • The US has Pluto by cosmobiological direction [one degree per year] coming to conjunct its natal Neptune on 12 May 2011.
  • Is anything good happening? I’m the astrologer who does not get people coming back for a second reading LOL. Jupiter begins a transit of Aries mid-January 2011 for about 6 months. The City of Los Angeles has 6 planets in Aries [see why we have lots of fires!] in its 10th house. Look for overwhelming attacks of fortune to hit the City of Angels [Angles]. My mid-heaven is about 3 Aries AND LA’s Jupiter sits right on my natal Sun at 14 Virgo THEREFORE I am expecting a huge next 6 months here in LA and expect to gain a lot of public notoriety [the 10th House of Fame, Notoriety and Grand Ambition]. Can you imagine a way a sometime actor like me might do that?
  • As a further note, LA also has Mars in Cancer in the first house at 9 Degrees. When Pluto opposes this watch out! I use 4 April 1850, 10 AM for LA’s horoscope, the signing of the city charter, not the 1781 date used by the city. 1781 was just the date Jennie Sepulveda set up an encampment on the banks of the LA River near what is now the entrance to Griffith Park. I never commemorate my first camping trip [see Desert Dogs] to Death Valley.

In the years from 1965 to the present, the only outer planets [Uranus, Neptune, Pluto] to transit the first decante of the signs Cancer or Capricorn were Neptune and Uranus. Neptune transited the early degrees of Capricorn from January 1984 until December 1989 – Uranus transited the early degrees of Capricorn from February 1988 until about October 1991. Those born during these periods, of whom I have few in my data base, can expect large Plutonian changes also.

Of Neptune/Pluto Hebel says “Neptune/Pluto contacts represent the growth and development (Pluto) of a person's spirituality (Neptune). These people are compelled to grow beyond the material level, promising a great potential for spiritual growth… Because Neptune and Pluto are impersonal planets, they oblige people to contribute their energies to the needs of society at large. Any effort to personalize this combination will result in disappointment.”

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