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Astrological musings on the transiting square of Uranus and Pluto in Cardinal[1] signs from 2011 through 2015

Astrological musings on the transiting square of Uranus and Pluto in Cardinal[1] signs from 2011 through 2015.

Abstract - Expect revolutions and upheavals of all kinds. A repeating, about 3 times in a hundred years, pattern last occurring from 1960-1972 and intensely from 1965-1967. In the US in that period we could simplify things and say “the military budget won.

“Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.” C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections[2]

Uranus will exactly square Pluto in the sky 7 times over the next 4 years. The transiting square is best represented by this 90 degree graphic ephemeris. At the top the wavy light blue line represents the movement or transit of the planet Uranus thru the sky. The wavy reddish line represents Pluto. Where the lines cross the planets come to an exact square aspect in the heavens. The vertical red line denotes the date of one of these crossings. Astrologers believe exact angular relationships like this denote significant astrological energy. If these points occur in aspect to planets or significant points in a horoscope it is likely external, mundane events will occur.

Dates of the aspect

Uranus = 4 Aries 4
Pluto = 5 Capricorn 9
not exact
Uranus = 8 Aries 24
Pluto = 8 Capricorn 24

Uranus = 6 Aries 57
Pluto = 6 Capricorn 57

Uranus = 11 Aries 14
Pluto = 11 Capricorn 14

Uranus = 9 Aries 26
Pluto = 9 Capricorn 26

Uranus = 13 Aries 34
Pluto = 13 Capricorn 34

Uranus = 12 Aries 35
Pluto = 12 Capricorn 35

Uranus = 15 Aries 18
Pluto = 15 Capricorn 18

Uranus = 17 Aries 10
Pluto = 16 Capricorn 08
not exact
Aspects are calculated to the minute only at GMT – London

“Tarnas traces the Uranus/Pluto conjunctions and oppositions from 318 BCE to show how this cycle corresponded to radical mass movements for freedom. Uranus is The Great Awakener, the archetypal symbol for individual freedom and creative ideas and Pluto is the symbol for power and mass upheavals. In aspect, these two dynamic archetypes fuse, combine and increase their force and correspond to archetypally similar events on earth.”

From Tarnas recent examples of Uranus/Pluto cycle follow. The exact heliocentric aspect is noted in parenthesis. I have added the squares of Uranus and Pluto to Tarnas’s list.

. 1450-1461 - Uranus Conjunction Pluto
(1455) [Ur Leo: Pluto Leo]
. 1489-1507 - Uranus square Pluto
(1497) [Ur Aquarius: Pluto Scorpio]
. 1533-1545 - Uranus Opposition Pluto
(1539) [Ur Leo: Pluto Aquarius]
. 1563-1570 - Uranus square Pluto
(1566) [Ur Sagittarius: Pluto Pisces]
. 1592-1602 - Uranus Conjunction Pluto
(1597) [Ur Aries: Pluto Aries]
. 1620-1627 - Uranus square Pluto
(1623) [Ur Leo: Pluto Taurus]
. 1642-1654 - Uranus Opposition Pluto
(1648) [Ur Sagittarius: Pluto Gemini]
. 1674-1683 - Uranus square Pluto
(1679) [Ur Aries: Pluto Cancer]
. 1705-1716 - Uranus Conjunction Pluto
(1710) [Ur Pisces: Pluto Sagittarius]
         . invention of steam engine
. 1749-1764 - Uranus square Pluto
(1755) [Ur Pisces: Pluto Sagittarius]
. 1787-1798 - Uranus Opposition Pluto. 
(1793) [Ur Leo: Pluto Aquarius]
This was the time of the French Revolution, which Tarnas describes as "an upsurge of tremendous rebellious and liberating energies sweeping the world, with radical change affecting many societies." Also during this time Mary Wollstonecraft's published A Vindication of the Rights of Women. In the US, Britain and France there was the first widespread call for the abolition of slavery. The US Constitution and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen were written during this period.[3]

. 1816-1824 – Uranus square Pluto
(1820) [Ur Sagittarius: Pluto Pisces]

. 1845-1856- Uranus Conjunction Pluto. 
(1850) [Ur Aries: Pluto Aries]
A wave of revolutionary upheavals in almost every capital of Europe such as Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Dresden, Baden, Prague, Rome, Milan occurred during these years. The Communist Manifeso and Thoreau's On the Duty of Civil Disobedience were written at this time. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman led antislavery efforts in the US and the women's rights movement began with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. There were also upheavals in China.[4]
         . use of petroleum fuel initiated
         . incorporation of Los Angeles

. 1873-1880  – Uranus square Pluto
(1877) [Ur Leo: Pluto Taurus]

. 1896-1907 Uranus Opposition Pluto. 
(1902) [Uranus Sagittarius: Pluto Gemini]
Aries There was a rise of radical labor movements throughout Europe and North American and also the founding of socialist parties in England, the US, Russia and France. Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs, Rosa Luxemburg, Upton Sinclair and other reformers and radical leaders were active at this time. Other revolutionary activities were the Boxer Rebellion in China, the rise of revolutionary Chinese nationalist movements and the civil disobedience movement led by Gandhi.
         . beginning of the nuclear age – Einstein’s theory of relativity, uranium radioactivity discovered, radium. Rutherford’s suggests in 1903 if “a proper detonator be found, it was just conceivable that a wave of atomic disintegration might be started through matter , which would indeed make this old world vanish in smoke.”[5]
. 1928-1937 – Uranus square Pluto
(1932) [Uranus Aries: Pluto Cancer]
Rise of totalitarian governments worldwide including, in my opinion, the USA! Like the village in Vietnam – “We had to destroy it in order to save it.” liberty and freedom in the USA were destroyed by confiscations of gold, and initiation of Government programs and regulations by Roosevelt.
         In Germany the unleashing of elemental forces of the human psyche. Jung describes the rise of Hilter as “personified by the Teutonic mythologic figure Wotan, “a god of storm and frenzy, the unleasher of passions and the lust of battle…” “the German nation was like a raving berserker tearing himself free from his bonds”[6] [Note the similarity with this phrase from the Hindu Upanishads describing death – “Like a great stallion pulling up the stakes by which he was tethered”.
         And the unleashing of elemental forces of nature! It was during these years that physicists first split the atom (1932), achieved the first nuclear fission (1934), proposed creating a chain reaction that would lead to the ‘liberation of nuclear energy for power.” The energy of one Uranus/Pluto aspect re-awakens and furthers the energy of past aspects.
         Roosevelt seizes all private gold from citizens – 1933 AND also refuses to pay off gold backed US Treasury bonds.

. 1960-1972 - Uranus Conjunction Pluto. 
(1965) [Uranus Virgo: Pluto Virgo]
This period, as the examples above, coincided precisely with a time of tremendous innovation and revolutionary impulses across the world, with both great social upheaval and liberating change occurring in many countries on the planet. During that time in the United States we had the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, founding of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Freedom Riders, numerous demonstrations and marches, the civil rights acts of 1965 and 1968 and the hippies. There was also civil unrest all over the globe. Tarnas predicts similar upheavals and liberating energies for the next fifteen years starting in 2007 with the square of Uranus and Pluto. The transit will bring about the next evolution of the energies that were started in the Uranus/Pluto conjunction period of 1960-1972.

[Uhhhhh, Vietnam! and many US protests] Tarnas conjectures that individuals born in one Uranus/Pluto energetic cycle come to prominence in a succeeding cycle. Therefore, people born during the 1960-1972 cycle, particularly those with the close conjunction energy from 8/1965 through 8/1966, will come to prominence and be forced to express their natal energy patterns of Uranus/Pluto during the period of the next activation – the square of 2011-2016. In other words, those born during 1965 and 1966 [a Fire Horse Year!] have a natal conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. The energy of the square now will be similar to the action of an igniter for dynamite.

The most significant financial event of this period, IMO, was Nixon in 1971 taking the USA off the gold standard and once again, for the first time since 1933, allowing Americans to own gold. I predict gold will play a prominent role in the 2011-2016 period. Significant similar energies of Texan guns-and-butter Presidents attempting to finance essentially undeclared foreign wars by devaluing the US’s main asset – its currency. That is to say, Lyndon Baines Johnson attempted to pay for HIS war AND create prosperity by devaluing the valuable US dollar. Remember big clunky silver half dollars freely in circulation? They all disappeared in 1964 as ‘Nam heated up. Nixon did the only thing he could by stopping the inter-convertibility of the dollar to gold. Bush II also attempted to pay for HIS war the same way. Remember the planeload of palleted up to $40 BILLION dollars flown into Baghdad by the Federal Reserve that sort of disappeared? Expect another significant change in the relationship of the dollar to gold during THIS time of turmoil.

. 2007-2020  – Uranus square Pluto
(2013) [Uranus Aries: Pluto Capricorn]
No other instance in the past 2000 years of this exact square by sign.

The main areas accentuated and already active are:
         . War
         . Upheavals of the collective conscience Arab spring movement, re-play of public protest movements in the USA like the Vietnam era. Occupy Wall Street.
         . Gold - money in general, prosperity, as in 1930’s square
. Atomic energy - Fukushima tsunami and Daiichi nuclear disaster,
. Housing, the home
. Petroleum – Deepwater Horizon 

. 2041-2053 - Uranus Opposition Pluto.
(2047) [Uranus Virgo: Pluto Pisces]

. 2067-2079  – Uranus square Pluto
(2073) [Uranus Capricorn: Pluto Aries]
see the 100 year graphic ephemerides here[7]

Predictions for the USA

Uranus transits the 4th house of the USA’s horoscope dealing with motherhood, the home, nurturance, the end of life – Pluto begins its transit in the ending degrees of the USA’s first house and spends the rest of the square in the 2nd house of money, personal possessions, finance.

Pluto is applying to a conjunction with the USA’s natal Pluto in 2022 when Pluto returns to the place it was when the USA began on 4 July 1776.

The US will have its most powerful encounter with Uranus/Pluto in 2014 at the square of 21 April 2014.


A most problematic[8] time for the USA

A Grand Square by transit [in the sky] at 13-14 degrees exactly interacting with the USA’s natal Saturn square Sun with transiting Jupiter conjunct the USA’s Sun in the 8th house.

Los Angeles

The horoscope of the city of LA[9] has 6 planets in Aries with its Sun in a square with the Moon in Capricorn at about 15 degrees. On 3/17/2015 the exact Uranus /Pluto square will conjunct the LA’s natal Sun/Moon square. Expect, perhaps, the city’s dissolution[10].

As a long term investment consider going short the City of LA, especially the basin area from Santa Monica south to the Palos Verdes peninsula.


Perhaps 7% of ALL people, places, things having a horoscope, will experience a strong reaction to the series of impending Uranus/Pluto squares.

         The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Each is astrologically 90 degrees away from the adjacent sign. When Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn individual horoscopes with planets or astrologically significant points like the North Node at or near the point of the squares, significant life changes are CERTAIN.

1. I reviewed my ex-girlfriend’s horoscope with my current spiritual advisor today – 10/17/2011. Pluto in Capricorn, square Uranus at 6 degrees 57 minutes in September 2012 comes right on my ex’s [2/2/1944] Venus in Capricorn at 6 degrees 36 minutes. My advisor’s immediate visceral take on it was, “Oh my God. She could lose everything!” Actually, this process has begun – I left 1/2011, her mother died 5/2011, and I suspect she ‘lost’ her dog of 12 years a short while ago.  But, there cannot be losses without gains, although it doesn’t usally feel like it at the time the losses/gains are happening.
2. A person in my files has her Moon in Cancer at 6 degrees 47 minutes. The September 2012 Ur/Pl square will come almost exactly on her Moon.
3. In my 250 person horoscope file the only other person with any planet affected by the September square is the son of the woman 2. above.  He has Mars in Libra at 6 degrees 03 minutes.

We could extrapolate that maybe 1% or less of the general population has a planet affected by the 9/2012 square and if there are 7 squares over a 4 year period then perhaps 7% of ALL people, places, things having a horoscope, will experience a strong reaction to the series of impending Uranus/Pluto squares. For example, 11/1/2013 the Ur/Pl square is right on my Mercury in Libra

[2] Jung Society of Washington [D.C.]
Tarnas, op. cit, page 193
Below are the heliocentric graphic ephemerides of Uranus and Pluto for 300 years – from 1800-2100

I was talking to my orthopedic surgeon’s physician’s assistant about my rapid recovery from my last hip replacement and told her of my mountain hiking. She said, “Be careful about falling. You do have a prosthesis in each hip. If you fall it can be problematic.”

I use April 4, 1850, as that is the date of the city incorporation after it re-joined the United States.
I came to California in May of 1978 as a delegate to a conference held at the LAX Marriot. Before dinner one night I meditated for 20 minutes or longer and when finished went over to the window and looked down. I clearly saw water gently lapping up about 10 feet on all the buildings – the entire basin was about 10 feet underwater. I turned away and looked back and the vision was gone. 

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